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How do I make an appointment for an exam?

To make an appointment, please call our scheduling department at (918) 772-4588.

How can I get copies of my medical records and/or films?

Our medical records department will be happy to provide you with your information. Call (918) 453-2160 to inquire or click HERE for more details.

What are the visiting hours?

Click HERE for our visiting hours

How do I contact a patient?

Family and friends may call between 7:00 am to 9:00 pm by dialing (918) 453-0641 to be forwarded to the appropriate room.

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Physicians Residency Program

NHS is proud to host two residency programs.
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News from Northeastern Health System

Donations Stay in the Community at NHS Blood Drives

Northeastern Health System will host a blood drive on Wednesday, May 30, from 12:30 – 5:30 p.m., and on Thursday, May 31, from 12:00 – 5:30 p.m. Giving at an NHS sponsored blood drive is different than giving at others drives, as the hospital receives one unit of blood for every five units donated at NHS to help save lives right here in the community. Make plans now to help your community by donating blood at the NHS blood drive. The drive will be held at the NHS West Conference Room, located directly behind Armstrong Bank on Downing Street in Tahlequah. Walk-ins are welcome, or donors may schedule an appointment by calling (877) 340-8777 or visit A photo ID is required and donors will receive a free T-shirt and two tickets to Safari Joe’s H2O waterpark. Share... read more

NHS Sequoyah Upgrades to Latest Mammography Technology

Northeastern Health System Sequoyah now offers 3D mammography, the latest in mammography technology. The new 3D Mammography System, recently installed at the NHS Sequoyah Imaging Center, 213 E. Redwood Ave., Sallisaw, is the first offered in the area and is FDA-approved as superior for women with dense breasts. It is called the most accurate exam available and detects cancer earlier than traditional 2D units. “The 3D process is painless and no different from the traditional 2D exam except for the use of the imaging technology,” said Andrea Weber, NHS Sallisaw Radiology Director. “I would highly recommend it. It gives the doctors a clearer picture, which results in less call-backs for further imaging, which, in turn reduces the patient’s exposure to radiation. If there is something in there, they are going to see it. You have a better chance of being detected.” 3D imaging differs from 2D imagery in that it takes 9 images of breast tissue that can be subdivided into many layers. This image layering allows the radiologist to zero in for a closer look at suspicious spots instead of viewing one flat image that, previously, could result in a patient having to be called back in for additional testing. The GE 3D equipment has been proven 30-60 percent more effective in detecting breast cancer, and while 2D mammograms are still being offered, more insurances are covering the 3D option. In 2017, Northeastern Health System Tahlequah partnered with Sequoyah Memorial Hospital. This partnership is bringing significant enhancements and new services offered to the Sallisaw community, such as the 3D mammography system. “With this 3D technology, we can see... read more

NHS Welcomes Radiation Oncologist

NHS is pleased to welcome Dr. Frederick Willison, a radiation oncologist at NHS’s Northeast Oklahoma Cancer Center.  Willison replaced Dr. Daniel Murphey following Murphey’s unexpected death in 2017. “I was close personal friends with Daniel P. Murphy, M.D., the former medical director who passed away unexpectedly last year.  I worked closely with him as a colleague and knew of the potential for NHS from that relationship,” said Willison.  “I have also worked closely with several of the Warren Clinic medical oncologists in Tahlequah for over 20 years.  Those relationships created a natural fit.  In addition, the executive leadership of NHS is uniquely collaborative and inspirational.  They are dedicated to moving the health system into the forefront of medical care in Oklahoma through partnerships with physicians.” Willison graduated from the Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.  He completed his radiation oncology residency at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, however, radiation oncology wasn’t his immediate choice. “I started a residency in Internal Medicine with plans to be a cardiologist until I did an elective in radiation oncology,” said Willison.  “I learned that I loved the patients, the technology, and the possibility of completely curing life-threatening problems.  The serious nature of the illness creates a special bond between doctor and patient.  The field presents daily challenges to win the most important battle a person may ever face.  New technologies are frequently developed providing a lifelong opportunity to learn new things with great potential.” Like his predecessor, Dr. Murphy, Willison is known as one of the premier radiation oncologists in northeast Oklahoma. “We have been very blessed to have two of... read more

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