Geriatric Behavioral Health



The Solutions Unit at Northeastern Health System offers solutions and support for families and patients 60 years of age and older suffering from the effects of age. We help improve the quality of life for our patients through numerous counseling and social activities. We also have experienced social workers, psychiatrists and therapists who always treat patients with compassion and respect.

The Challenges of Aging

Aging can present many life challenges that the older generation is often unable to resolve. These challenges may include decreasing physical or mental capabilities, the inability to live independently, or the loss of lifetime companions. The older adult may react to these situations by displaying apathy, confusion, or forgetfulness that may be misinterpreted as normal behaviors of aging. Although older adults may frequently experience these behaviors, they are not always a normal part of aging. With effective therapy, independence and coping skills can be maintained or improved to provide a more satisfying lifestyle.

A Healing Environment

Solutions offers daily treatment planning and activities to challenge and stimulate each patient , which include:

-Individual , group, and family therapy

-Occupational therapy

-An assessment of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

-Life skills counseling and education

-Recreation and social activities

-Medication management

-Continued care planning

Understanding Behavioral Health Issues in Older Adults

Today, older adults face challenges from a variety of sources. Frequent challenges include emotional stresses that may result from

-Loss of a lifetime companion

-Loss of family and friends

-Declining physical and mental health

-Loss of independence

-Financial concerns

-Changes in self-image

-Unrealized expectation about the “Golden Years”

-Changes in one’s professional, personal, and financial life due to retirement

Behavioral Warning Signs

-Sadness or anxiousness that is unusual

-Difficulty concentrating in day-to-day activities

-Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness

-Increased nervousness or conflicts

-Combative behavior

-Medical/medication noncompliance (including misuse of medications)

-Behavior which is potentially self-harming or dangerous to others

-Statements/behaviors which suggest a death wish, suicidal thoughts or intentions

-Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are nor present) or delusions (false beliefs which interfere with life)

-Rapid unexplainable changes in behavior

Solutions is located in the third floor of Northeastern Health System’s Medical Plaza. For more information about geriatric behavioral health programs provided by Solutions or to make a referral, please call us at 918-453-2300. If your loved one needs great care during a difficult time in their life, we are happy to help.

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