NHS Welcomes New EMS Director

NHS Welcomes New EMS Director

Northeastern Health System is happy to announce Mike Cates as the new Director of Emergency Services. Mike replaces long-time director David Carroll who will oversee the Wound Management Center, as well as maintenance on the ambulances.

Cates previously spent 25 years working for Muskogee County EMS, a job that has prepared him well for this new role.

“I have had several mentors growing up in this business,” he said. “I have worked with some very good doctors, medics and nurses over the years that have all influenced me in my career.”

Cates chose NHS because he was impressed with the size and the family atmosphere.

“I treat everyone the same,” he said. “Ever patient is someone’s family. I treat them the exact same way I would want my family member treated.”

Cates plans to increase the education of the NHS EMS team, which will in turn, provide better health care for patients.

“Patients should choose NHS because we are a caring service,” said Cates. “Our technology is growing with leaps and bounds.   There’s no question that our care at NHS will rival any other hospital our size in the country.”

The administration, providers and staff at Northeastern Health System strive to provide convenient and affordable access to a full range of services, including many primary and specialty care services, and consider it a privilege to serve the community.

“I would like to thank Muskogee County EMS for the years of experience and knowledge that I gained while working there, and all the relationships that I built while there,” said Cates, “and I would like to thank Northeastern Health Systems for allowing me to take on this new adventure, and the opportunity to add to my EMS family.”

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  1. Welcome to a great community and a wonderful hospitol.

  2. Congrats mike! Well deserved!

  3. Just had the opportunity to meet this gentleman for the first time. Thank you so much for taking the time to come help with a resident who needed to be seen in the ER, but needed encouragement to go!


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