NHS Welcomes Two Interventional Cardiologists

Since its conception in 2005, Northeastern Health System’s (NHS) catheterization lab has increased in number of procedures. What began as a service offered only a few days a week has grown to a lab that is continually full. While the volume has increased, NHS’s cath lab remains one of the safest in the area, thanks in part to two new Interventional Cardiologists, Jack Casas, M.D., and Matthew Comstock, D.O.

“Interventional cardiology includes angioplasty and stents, pacemakers, defibrillators, peripheral arterial disease treatment, dialysis graft treatment, and other heart-related procedures,” said Casas. “Having these services here allows our patients and their family members to remain local. Having to travel great distances causes strain on families, employment and overall care.”

The opportunity to offer advanced care to a rural community is also something that attracted Comstock to the area.

“I’m excited by the opportunity to be here and make a difference in this community,” said Comstock. “By growing and expanding the depth of cardiology services available to the community we can improve the access to cardiac care and cardiology based outcomes in the region.”

Cases graduated from the University of California at Davis. He joined NHS because it has developed into a large healthcare system in need of specialty services; an area in which he felt he could make a difference.

“I believe the best thing we can do for patients is establish a good quality of life,” said Casas.

Casas and his wife of 10 years have four children and six grandchildren.

Comstock graduated from Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences. The Tahlequah community and its lifestyle, coupled with the ability to work for a growing health system, attracted him to the area.

“There’s a large opportunity for growth in this area of the state and cardiology is largely underserved,” said Comstock. “The staff are hard-working and caring and treat patients the way I try to treat them. Every time I treat a patient, I try and ask myself, ‘If this was my mom or dad, how would I want them to be treated and what would I want the doctor to be willing to do for them?’”

The administration, providers and staff at Northeastern Health System strive to provide convenient and affordable access to a full range of services, including many primary and specialty care services, and consider it a privilege to bring specialized physicians to serve the community.

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