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TAHLEQUAH, OK NOVEMBER 2019:  In a concerted effort to continue providing quality and convenient care for Cherokee County and surrounding communities, Northeastern Health System would like to welcome Doctors Hilton McDonald, Lea Humphrey and Brent Webb to the medical team. These additions will offer multiple services, hired with patient needs in mind.

Additional services such as these are made possible by collaborative efforts between Northeastern Health System and their community partners, including Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers.

McDonald and Humphrey, a father-daughter duo, both specialize in Otolaryngology, also known as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT).

McDonald first attained his Masters in Speech Language Pathology from University of Northern Colorado in 1982 before returning to academia to earn his doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from Oklahoma State University in 1994. McDonald operated under his own practice from 1999-2006, serving patients in Owasso and Claremore. Since that time, McDonald has practiced in Missouri and Arkansas, and recently returned to Oklahoma to continue his career. He brings numerous accolades to his profession, including Best ENT in 417 area code and being named Physician Leadership Committee Chairman.

Humphrey brings five years of experience to her practice, graduating from Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2010 and completing her internship and residency in St. Louis, MO in 2015, where she was also named Chief Resident of the Year. Her current services are provided through NeoHealth.

ENT services commonly include diagnosis and treatment of ear infections, nasal, sinus and thyroid disorders and allergy testing, as well as other throat, head, neck, ear and nose related problems. Both McDonald’s and Humphrey’s clinics are located at 1203 E Ross Bypass in Tahlequah.

“As NeoHealth continues growing to meet the needs of our patients, we’re very supportive of the partnership with Northeastern Health System to offer ENT services,” said Scott Rosenthal, CEO of Northeastern Community Health Centers Oklahoma. “We want every community member to have access to quality and affordable healthcare.”

In addition to ENT services, NHS has added another Family Practice physician to the team. Brent Webb brings over 25 years’ experience to the position as well as nearly ten years’ experience as a high school teacher and trauma counselor in Tulsa, OK. Webb has accrued time at several medical institutions, including Urgent Care clinics, Summit Healthcare and American Family Care.

Family Practice physicians commonly offer a range of acute, chronic and preventative medical services, including wellness visits, physicals, chronic pain management and diabetes and hypertension prevention and care. Webb’s current services will also be offered at the Bypass Clinic in Tahlequah and are provided through Tahlequah Medical Group.

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