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Try us out before you choose to take up residency. Audition rotations are offered to third- and fourth-year medical students from osteopathic medical schools interested in evaluating Northeastern Healthy System’s residency programs. If you are interested in an audition rotation, please submit the following via email or fax:

  • Current CV
  • Cover letter discussing personal history and areas of interest
  • COMLEX Level I and II scores if available
  • A completed application

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing. An affiliation agreement with your medical school will be required for approval of your rotation. If you are selected for a rotation, you will receive a confirmation email. Offering you a positive learning experience at Northeastern Health System is very important to us. Every attempt will be made to fill as many requests as possible.

Required documents for approved rotations:

  • Copy of Photo ID
  • Most recent TB test
  • Copy of School’s liability insurance

We have current affiliation agreements with:

Oklahoma State University College of Medicine

ATSU Kirksville College of Medicine

Edward via College of Osteopathic Medicine – Carolinas Campus

Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

Lincoln Memorial University DeBusk College

Michigan State University College of Medicine

NOVA Southeastern University

William Carey College of Osteopathic Medicine

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine


Apply today to Northeastern Health System residency programs. To apply for a position in one of our residency programs, please visit the ERAS® website to view instructions for completing and placing your application. Our programs participate in the National Residency Matching Program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

With the upcoming merger, will Northeastern Health System residency programs be accepting allopathic and osteopathic students?

At the moment, Northeastern Health System residency programs are only AOA accredited and are only approved to take osteopathic students. Dual accreditation will be completed by the year 2020 deadline and we will potentially take allopathic students at that time.

How long are audition rotations?

Audition rotations are usually four weeks but Northeastern Health System will make an effort to accommodate students for shorter requests. However, no guarantee is made on such requests.

I only have my COMLEX 1 score and have not taken my COMLEX 2 yet. Does that disqualify me from applying?
No, please make sure to note your COMLEX 1 score as well as the date COMLEX 2 is scheduled for. While it won’t affect audition rotations, Northeastern Health System does require that COMLEX 1, COMLEX2 and COMLEX PE all be completed prior to ranking a candidate. Unavailable exam status may also affect interview offers on a case-by-case scenario.
Is there a minimum score for COMLEX1 and COMLEX2?

While we do review and use the scores to help us determine the best possible candidate, it is not the sole piece of information. Applications are reviewed in their entirety to determine overall which candidate is the best fit for the program.

I was unable to schedule an audition rotation; will this hurt my chances of being a viable candidate?

No. We understand that we cannot audition every applicant for a variety of different reasons. Applicants who are unable to participate in an audition rotation will be evaluated on the merit of their applications. Northeastern Health System residency programs have matched residents in previous years that did not complete an audition rotation.

My schedule is off track. Can Northeastern Health System accommodate it?

Yes, we understand that each school has a different start date and will accommodate any Monday start date. We will also do our best to accommodate programs that begin on the first of each month.

I don’t have all the documentation listed on the approval email. Can I start without it?

No. All students are required to submit the necessary documentation listed on the approval email. All documentation must be current as well. If more time is needed to get everything in, please contact the department of Graduate Medical Education. No student will be allowed to start without all the documentation submitted prior to rotation.

I want to cancel my audition rotation. Is that okay?

Yes, we understand that career goals change and shift as you set out on the audition trail. If you wish to cancel a rotation, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may schedule another student in that slot.

Is housing provided during audition rotations?

No. Formal Northeastern Health System housing is not available. However, Northeastern State University usually has dorm rooms for audition students. The Department of Graduate Medical Education will send housing information once an audition rotation has been approved. Housing must be worked out independently of Northeastern Health System.

Are meals provided at Northeastern Health System during rotations?

Yes. Audition medical students will be able to have complimentary meals during the length of their rotation.

Please contact the appropriate person below with questions about our residency programs.


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