Cardiac Rehabilitation


In 2007 Northeastern Health System completed the continuum of cardiac care by opening the cardiac rehabilitation unit. This recovery program offers a team-based approach to the health and healing of patients suffering from heart disease. The cardiac rehab program focuses on strengthening the heart muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness. One of the top goals of the program is to help patients return to an active lifestyle.

This program contains three phases.

  • Phase I: The initial phase begins with education and counseling between the patient and the cardiac rehab staff. Range of motion exercises, some intermittent sitting and standing and, in some cases, walking is the extent of the patient’s physical exertion.
  • Phase II: Phase two begins approximately three weeks after the patient has gone home from the hospital. These sessions are one hour, three times a week, for 12 weeks, with the physical activity depending on the patient and the cardiac rehab staff’s recommendations.
  • Phase III: In this final phase, the cardiac rehab staff develops long-term dietary and exercise programs that are tailored to each patient. The patient will still be monitored closely through the coordination of their personal physician and the rehab staff. Most health insurance policies cover treatment in phases I and II if patients are enrolled between six months to one year after hospitalization following a heart attack, cardiac surgery or coronary angioplasty. Persons suffering from chest pain may also enroll. We will check with your insurance company to verify coverage.

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