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Northeastern Health System provides its community and surrounding areas with unsurpassed excellence in healthcare. We pride ourselves in providing quality, caring service as well as employing those that have the same vision as we do. If you are looking for an excellent opportunity to work in a healthcare environment that fulfils your desire to help others and reflects a positive impact then, Northeastern Health System may be the ideal employer for you.

We have career opportunities in Clinical, Clerical, Support, and Ancillary Services. We pride ourselves in our qualified staff and recognize and reward our employees. Many of our employees have opportunities for advancement and promotion within our healthcare system. We offer a competitive benefits package as well as 457 (b) Retirement Plan, Education benefits, Paid Time Off (PTO), and Wellness initiatives.

Insurance Benefits – We offer our full-time and part-time employees Medical, Dental, Vision, Group Life Insurance, 125c Plan and supplemental insurance.

Retirement Plan – Our 457 (b) retirement plan is with CUNA, a nationally recognized financial organization. We offer an employer match up to 3%. We have financial advisors to assist in guiding our employees with their retirement plans.

Education – We understand that education isn’t just a certificate to hang on the wall, but recognition of knowledge, qualification and experience. Because of this, we are deeply interested in the continuing education of our employees. To reflect this sentiment, we offer many options to facilitate our employees’ interest in bettering themselves in their particular field or pursuant of their career goals. Tuition reimbursement and scholarship programs are at your reach.

Recognition programs – Hard work and going above and beyond in your daily activities is never overlooked in our facility. To show that we notice, monthly and yearly recognition programs are in place to highlight good deeds and excellent service by our employees.

Work Healthy Initiatives – We provide healthcare to our community, but we view the health of our employees as equally important. That is why we have a dedicated team of professionals to assist with increasing awareness and bettering our employees’ health and daily living. If you take the time to invest in your wellbeing, we will be there to lend support and guidance along the way. And of course, healthy, nutritious and delicious meals are always just a few steps away by way of our excellent cafeteria and kiosk. Click HERE for more information about our culinary options.

Activities – Hospital Week, Fall Picnic, Christmas events are a time of celebrating being part of the healthcare-provider of choice. Enjoy games, food, and recognition with our employees and their families. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, and you share our commitment to provide the best healthcare experience available, then don’t hesitate to apply and maybe you too can be part of the Northeastern Health System family.

**If you have not received any notification from us regarding your application within three business days, please contact us at (918)453-2170**

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