Tahlequah Diagnostic Imaging

Tahlequah Diagnostic Imaging, LLC is a healthcare equipment leasing company, formed in December of 2002. Members, including Tahlequah City Hospital, formed the company to provide MRI, CT, and other diagnostic imaging services to patient in Tahlequah Oklahoma and the surrounding areas. TDI helped to align the efforts of its members and unify their commitment to deliver state of the art imaging services.

It has been said that “competition makes us faster, but collaboration makes us better”- Author Unknown. If the competitors truly collaborate, what is the result? Innovation? TDI was and is healthcare innovation.

In addition to MRI and CT Scans, TDI has acquired a hyperbaric chamber for advanced wound care therapy provided by the Northeast Oklahoma Wound Care Center. This treatment utilizes pressurized oxygen to promote tissue healing and wound closure. In October of 2012, TDI added PET-CT imaging.

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