Tahlequah Hospital Authority Board of Trustees

Tahlequah City Hospital has made great strides in the last decade. This is a result of the vision passed down by the Tahlequah Hospital Authority. This authority is comprised of seven individuals who have given tirelessly of their time and talents. They were recently recognized by the Governance Institute for their commitment to excellence in governance. The Board has logged more than 500 hours of education in the last four years making them the forerunners in promoting the practices that lead to exceptional results.



Brixey, James, D.O., Trustee

James Brixey, D.O., Trustee

Chapman, Gary - Trustee

Gary Chapman, Trustee

Choate, Carol, Trustee

Carol Choate, Trustee

Harrington, Gary, Chairman

Gary Harrington, Chairman

Turney, Maurice, Trustee

Maurice Turney, Trustee

Watkins, Mike, Secretary/Treasurer

Mike Watkins, Secretary/Treasurer

Williams, Judy, Vice  Chair

Judy Williams, Vice Chair

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