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NHS is proud to offer an array of services to meet women’s healthcare needs.

Maternity Center/OB GYN

The new birthing suites in our Maternity Center make a smoother transition from labor and delivery to post-partum. These suites offer patients and their growing families a more comfortable, hotel-like atmosphere as well as these features:

• 8 Large Rooms with couches that convert into a bed, large bathrooms with sit down showers and DVR’s in each room.
• A Large waiting area that family and friends can view newborns through the nursery window.
• Electronic fetal monitoring with remote viewing, so when the nurse is not physically in the room with the mother, their baby’s heart rate and labor is monitored at all times.
• Infant security system; the unit ia also locked down 24 hours a day so you may rest without interruption.
• 1:1 nursing care while in labor. Separate RN for newborn at delivery.
• NHS offers a breastfeeding educator as well as childbirth educational classes for parents.
• Educational videos are available that may be viewed in the mother’s room.
• Level II nursery

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Maternity Center: (918) 453-2200


  • Dr. Wallace Champlain, D.O. – Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Dr. Paul Plowman, M.D.- Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Dr. Naveed Siddique, M.D. – Pediatrics
  • Dr. Mike Ahmad, M.D. – Pediatrics
  • Dr. Kimberly Milford – Pediatrics

Ancillay Providers

  • Sarah Craig, CNM – Obstetrics
  • Shandy Johnson, CNM – Obstetrics
  • Robin Losee, APRN – Pediatrics


Northeast Health System is proud to provide a diagnostic imaging service with women’s specific healthcare needs in mind. Our highly skilled technologists are accredited in mammography through the American College of Radiology (ACR) and are complimented by our onsite board-certified radiologist. We provide both screening and diagnostic mammograms with state of the art digital mammography equipment.

Ultrasound services are also provided, including ultrasound guided breast biopsies. Our lead technologist possesses more than 18 years on the job experience and all of our technologists have graduated from certified and accredited ultrasound programs. NHS is the premier training site for the ultrasound-based programs in the area.

Altogether the Medical Plaza’s Imaging Center has over 40 years of combined service with Northeast Health System and is dedicated to providing unsurpassed excellence in healthcare.

For more information on particular studies and examinations, visit our Imaging Services page HERE

The Diagnostic Imaging Center is located on the first floor next to the Cancer center.

To schedule and exam, call 918-458-2425


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